How do I wash my garment?

 I’ve tried and tested hygienic but environmentally conscious ways to wash and preserve the garments to their highest standard. Machine washing isn’t the best way to wash clothes anyway due to micro pollutants etc. but people need to bulk wash their clothes obviously so I am not here to judge.

For my garments, the recommended method (which I have written down on a note with each order) is that you spot hand wash only with extra care around the print area.

Spot cleaning with water directly on the print is ok.

Dry cleaning is also good, as well as steam cleaning.

For ironing I would advise you to place another piece of material (e.g a pillowcase/towel) between the garment and the iron. 

Who makes everything?

Me, but since my 1st restock I have hired extra help.

When will you next restock?

I will always update everyone through instagram (@anikaleila) but I'm aiming for 2 times a month. I'm also in the process of working with my seamstress to come up with new designs which will be included in all restocks.